Low and High Voltage Control

Whether you are on a low or a high voltage system, you need to make sure your voltage doesn’t fluctuate too much. After all, your system is designed for optimal functioning at a certain voltage. If yours goes too much higher or lower than that, it can cause catastrophic damage. We have electricians who specialize in both high and low voltage and who can help tame any fluctuations you are experiencing.

Low Voltage Control

Most homes and smaller business buildings are on low voltage systems. Your voltage is regulated so that each switch, plug, and more has exactly the voltage it is supposed to have. If your system malfunctions or you experience a power surge, you need to make sure you have the controls in place to keep your voltage down.

If you are having a lot of power strips turn off power to your electronics or experiencing other signs of voltage fluctuation, call us immediately and try not to use your electrical system until we can come out. While the problem may not be extensive, there’s no way to know until we can test the system. We’ll repair anything that has broken and let you know what you can do to prevent future problems.

Protect your family or your clients by calling in an expert at the first sign of voltage fluctuations. We’ll get everything back the way it needs to be before you experience any more damage.

High Voltage Control

If you are on a high voltage system, it’s even more important that your voltage stays within the parameters your system was designed for. If you work with heavy machinery or in a large building like a hospital or a mall, chances are good that you have a high voltage system.

These systems must be serviced by a trained high-voltage electrician. Some of the systems have enough voltage that it’s possible to experience an electric shock simply by being in relatively close contact with it. Our electricians are trained in how to work with these systems safely, so we can get your voltage under control without endangering anyone.

As soon as you notice a voltage problem, contact us at Pruitt Electric. We will send out experienced technicians to determine the source of the voltage fluctuation and get everything under control for you again fast. Get the most out of your electrical system when you make an appointment today.

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Very kind and knowledgeable electricians. Explained what they were doing the entire time! They fit me into their busy schedule and valued my time! Thank you so much, Pruitt Electric!!!!!
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Pruitt Electric is wonderful! They did a job for me on very short notice. The owner personally came in during the job and introduced himself to me. Very fast service and an exceptional job well done! Will be contacting them for all of our electrical needs in the future. Thanks Pruitt Electric and team!
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Pruitt Electric did great work! They were knowledgeable and worked with us to get exactly what we wanted for our new addition. They answered our questions and were professional all the way through the project.
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Pruitt electric was there when I needed them the most. During the ice storm 2 years ago he delivered a generator to my house!! Won’t use anyone else!!
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