Expert Tips

Electrical FAQ

Do you have electrical questions you’d like us to answer? Check here first! Here’s a list of some of the questions we get a lot, so you can get your answers without even picking up the phone. When is it time to call an electrician? Most of us know intuitively when it’s time to call […]

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Lighting Tips

Installing new lighting in your home is exciting! These tips and tricks will help you get the best possible lighting for different areas and save money while you do it. Make sure each area of your home has the lighting you need to use it to its utmost capacity. Find out how you can get […]

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Electrical Safety at Home

Did you know that many home fires every year could be prevented if only people knew more about electrical safety at home? Here are a few tips that could save you the heartache and hassle of a fire or electrocution. Use Extension Cords Properly Extension cords cause at least 3300 fires each year, simply because […]

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